Keep the Fire Burning: The Folk Mass Revolution
Catholic Folk Mass music from Ken Canedo's book, "Keep the Fire Burning: The Folk Mass Revolution"






January 2019
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JOE WISE: This Chapter Nine podcast showcases the music of one of the most influential composers of the Folk Mass movement. "Sing Praise to the Lord," "Gonna Sing, My Lord," "Holy, Holy, Holy," "Jesus, You Are Here," "We Are Your Bread," "I'm In Love With My God (Maleita's Song)," and "Take Our Bread" by Joe Wise from the 1966 Fontaine House recording, Gonna Sing My Lord, distributed by World Library of Sacred Music.
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SISTER GERMAINE HABJAN: This podcast focuses on the memorable music of one of America's Singing Nuns. Featured songs: "All of My Life," "You Are My People," "Fear Not," "Jerusalem," and "Love One Another" by Sister Germaine Habjan from the 1966 FEL recording, Songs of Salvation
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PAUL QUINLAN: Chapter Nine podcast series continues with a focus on the music of this influential young Jesuit from College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Featured songs: "Save Me" and "We Are All Held In His Hands" by Paul Quinlan from the 1965 LP recording, Glory Bound" released by the America Record Society "Glory to the Father" and "Halay! When to God I Send a Plea" by the Paul Quinlan Trio from the 1967 FEL recording, Run Like a Deer "Praise the Lord In Many Voices" and "Sing to God a Brand New Canticle" by the Paul Quinlan Trio from the 1967 LP recording, Praise the Lord In Many Voices: Part 2 released by Avant Garde Records "It's a Brand New Day" by Paul Quinlan and the New Day from the 1973 NALR re-release of the 1969 LP recording It's a Brand New Day
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PETER SCHOLTES: This begins a series of podcasts on the composers featured in Chapter Nine, beginning with Peter Scholtes, composer of the landmark hymn, "They'll Know We Are Christians by Our Love." Featured songs: "Lord, Have Mercy," "Holy, Holy, Holy," "Lamb of God," and "They'll Know We Are Christians by Our Love" by Peter Scholtes from the 1966 FEL recording, Missa Bossa Nova
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FEL's HYMNAL FOR YOUNG CHRISTIANS helped solve the thin repertoire problem of the early Folk Mass days. Featured songs: "I Lift Up My Eyes" by Ray Repp from the 1966 FEL recording, Allelu! "Allelu" by Ray Repp from the 1968 FEL recording, Sing Praise!
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MEDICAL MISSION SISTERS, SR. SUZANNE TOOLAN, RAY REPP: The Folk Mass takes off across America! Stories and reactions from bishops, priests, composers, musicians, and the people in the pews. Featured songs: "Wake Up, My People," "To Be Alive," "Peace, My Friends," and "I Am the Resurrection" by Ray Repp from the 1967 FEL recording, Come Alive. "Joy Is Like the Rain" by Sister Miriam Therese Winter from the 1966 Avant Guard Records LP, Joy Is Like the Rain. "I Am the Bread of Life" by Sister Suzanne Toolan, RSM, from the 2000 OCP recording Rise Up and Sing.
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MASS FOR YOUNG AMERICANS, Side 2 Featured songs: "And I Will Follow," "Forevermore," "Clap Your Hands," "Hear, O Lord," "Come Away," "Of My Hands," "Shout from the Highest Mountain," and "I'm Not Afraid" by Ray Repp from the 1966 FEL recording, Mass for Young Americans
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MASS FOR YOUNG AMERICANS: Chapter Six covers the story of how FEL discovered Ray Repp and published his influential "Mass for Young Americans." Featured songs from Side One: "Prayer for Mercy" (Kyrie), "Hymn of Praise" (Gloria), "Angelic Song" (Sanctus), "Our Father," "Song to the Lamb of God" (Agnus Dei), "Here We Are" by Ray Repp from the 1966 FEL recording, Mass for Young Americans "Sons of God" by James Theim, OSB from the 1966 FEL recording, Mass for Young Americans
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RAY REPP: At the seminal 1965 orientation session of the Catholic Church Extension Society in Chicago, Ray Repp shares his contemporary psalm settings at the daily student liturgy. The Folk Mass is born! Featured songs: "Here We Are," "Of My Hands," "Hear, O Lord," and "Forevermore" by Ray Repp from the 1966 FEL recording, Mass for Young Americans "But Then Comes the Morning" by Jack Miffleton from the 1969 WLSM recording, With Skins and Steel "The Spirit Is a-Movin'" by Carey Landry from the 1973 NALR recording, Hi, God "The New Creation" by Gary Ault from the 1970 FEL recording, Songs of the New Creation by the Dameans "Till All My People Are One" by Ray Repp from the 1968 FEL recording, "Sing Praise!"
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KTFB-Chapter 3 "Veni, Creator Spiritus" DEMONSTRATION ENGLISH MASS: Chapter Three gives an overview of the Second Vatican Council. Dennis Fitzpatrick and his Friends of the English Liturgy (FEL) influenced the Council Fathers as they considered music for the vernacular liturgy. Featured songs: "Entrance Procession," "Bidding Prayers," "Canon," "Blessing," and "Closing Hymn" by Dennis Fitzpatrick from the 1963 recording, Demonstration English Mass, published by Friends of the English Liturgy.
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